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25th Gems Pavilion The Art of Life Celebration

Celebrate 25 years of Gems Pavilion with an overview of our success in creating designs that are stunningly beautiful with exquisite details, a quality that Gems Pavilion is known for as an acclaimed leader of high jewellery.


Since its founding in 1966, Gems Pavilion has striven to manifest beauty as a celebration of everyday life through high jewellery, a universal language that women all over the world associate with beauty and luxury. Throughout the past 25 years, Gems Pavilion continues to stay true to this mission in every step of the process. In the creation of each piece of jewellery, we consider all three elements of high jewellery

First is the signature touch of Gems Pavilions designers. A glance is all it takes to recognize Gems Pavilions designs; experience the satisfaction and pride of showing off our creations.

Second is our meticulous selection of diamonds and gemstones. Each year, more than 100,000 carats of diamonds enter our screening system. Of these, only 20% meet the Gems Pavilion standard for use in our designs

Third is our skilled craftsmanship that blends traditional craft with modern technology, customizing designs to match the needs of each of our customers. Our work reflects creativity, attention to details, and love of our craft.


To commemorate the 25 years of Gems Pavilion, we looked back on our works, sifting through over 12,000 designs that our designers have drafted over the years. From there, we selected 25 designs to tell our story. Our iconic and timeless designs have captured the hearts of our customers over the years as they continue to choose us as their trusted jeweller. Our designs are perfect all around, worthy of ownership and passing down through the generations. Our pride as the creators and our integrity towards our customers are the foundation of our business. These 25 featured pieces and every piece made by Gems Pavilion are crafted with devotion for our valued customers.


With our exclusive oneofakind high jewellery pieces, only one exists for you to own. These could be a gemstoneadorned diamond crown, diamond ring, wedding and engagement rings, diamond necklace, diamond bracelet, sash, diamond earrings, or pieces from Gems Pavilions seasonal collections, which include The Iconic, The Deconic, The Emblem, The Timeless Pearl, The Exquisite, The Prism and the latest, The Chain, as well as wedding jewellery and precious gifts for your loved ones from the Gems Pavilion LOVE collection. All of these are original designs (#GemsPavilionTheOriginal) with over 100 designs patented and copyrighted. Owning one of these unique pieces, which come in different forms and styles, come with great pride. They also reflect Gems Pavilions promise to never stop innovating and to continue to create elegant and exquisite designs to honour the confidence and trust that we have received and considered as a mark of our success in the last 25 years

Celebrate Your Life with Gems Pavilion, now and forever.

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Gems Pavilion was established in 1996 with the determination, creativity, and spirit of designers and craftsmen who followed their inspirations to create these masterful works. Today, Gems Pavilion is recognized in the international high jewellery market which covers Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. Gems Pavilion is also a leader in Thailands jewellery industry, with complete capacity for the design and production of excellent quality gemstones through superb craftsmanship. Gems Pavilions jewellery are distributed both domestically and internationally and known for their unique, elegant, and classic style.


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