There may be a lot in common with fashion styles across major metropolitan schools. Emo is the most popular fashion and music trend of the past decade. This generalized term covers emo (punk), scene and personal fashion styles. Emo has a musical counterpart: emo-style techno-rock, screamo, indie-rock, and screamo. This is the preferred style of the genre. From pre-teens all the way through high-heeled pants to heavy makeup and swoop-back bangs, hot pants are extremely popular among youth. Emo and other related styles increasingly include sexuality as people get older. Emo has been controversial, with claims of a strong reliance upon depression, suicide, and self-mutilation in the makeup and clothing designs. Scene, which is often considered an offshoot from emo has been a greater influence on youth. Emo stereotypes are deliberately avoided to emphasize innocence and playful youth definitions. The black-colored hair has been replaced by a rainbow of loud and bright colors. Clothes deliberately clash, and accessories emphasize youth like candy bracelets and lighted Pacifiers. Scene and emo have always been about attention. This is why young people are more inclined to sport the style. Because social media gives access to millions of potential friends, personal profiles are a beacon for style and personal style for aspiring […] read more