Would you be surprised to learn that the majority of business owners are disappointed by their sales performance?We are starting an article that’ll show how you can easily create your marketing and brand strategy to succeed and grow your business nowadays. Often marketing companies want to show you that creating your marketing strategy is the most complicated thing in the world. But it is not true. We will show you how you can do it yourself, step-by-step. Our first step is about yourself. And in this case, it’s even appropriate. We’ll take a close look at your company and thanks to our direct-action items we create tangible results together.Who are you?This is the first question in our piecemeal branding blueprint and one of the most important. And it’s entirely different from the philosophical question “Who am I.” In opposite, it’s clear and has a direct impact on your branding as we’ll see in later lessons as well.If your company character is consistent in all your brand presentations, marketing communication and promotions, the customer will start to build trust with your brand. If not, they begin to doubt your ability to keep your promises. Well, it will look like your changing your opinion every […] read more