Is the food that we devour clearly greater critical than the cosmetics we use? If it’s miles then how might we realize? Permanent Make up Wien Might we should run a double blind take a look at to decide this?

In reality, no. There is something an awful lot greater correct than a double blind take a look at. The life-style of an entire network. Just as groups inside the western global are acknowledged for weight problems and premature health problems, there are isolated communities sprinkled round the arena that have superior health and ideal skin.

In Japan there’s a small metropolis named Yuzuri Hara wherein human beings like you Schönheitssalon Wien and i move about their every day lives with the same pressure and anxieties that we’ve. They even have some of the unhealthy habits that we have including smoking cigarettes. But there may be something very special approximately this network. The elderly who include this community tend to live to ripe vintage a long time, much longer than the yank norm. What is more startling is the fact that these people rarely have any motive to see the physician and hardly ever have debilitating illnesses along with Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. The maximum startling is the fact that they look a great deal younger than their age, with very little wrinkles and a few humans even have spotless skin. For example, Takanshi who is ninety three has worked outside in the tropical solar and not as soon as has he ever used sun screen lotion, and his skin is smooth and supple.

This village, Yuzuri Hara, is famend as the “Village of long life”. Had the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon landed here first in 1513 he in all likelihood might not had left in disappointment. Of route the fountain of young people might not had been located inside the water, however alternatively inside the staple meals those humans eat. Due to the soil and hilly terrain of this area are not accurate for the developing of rice, as is the case with different agricultural regions in Japan, these people grow something quite unique. They grow an expansion of roots similar to potatoes, candy satsumaimo, a sticky potato satoimo, and gelatinous potato imoji and konyaku a white potato kind root.

What’s on this mysterious food regimen?

Researchers agree with these starchy roots stimulate the frame to evidently produce hyaluronic acid that is a fundamental constituent of connective tissue that features to cushion and lubricate. While we are born our our bodies have an abundance of this substance, but it step by step diminishes as we age. Interestingly this substance holds and is comprised typically of water and is the reason why it allows the skin and cells to keep moisture, thereby retaining the skin elastic, tight and easy.