What work is done by an Electrical safety auditor?

An electrical safety auditor examines commercials and individuals across industries to ensure that houses and businesses are maintaining a safe and secure environment, reducing damage to the danger of shock, arc blast, and arc flash. Our fully certified electrical safety auditor in Mumbai follows industry body guidelines and submits CCEW (Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work). While electrical safety audit there are certain types of electrical materials required to inspect and tested by a competent professional to identify damage and detect electrical faults. For residence and premises, the safety of health knowing your electronic materials are safe and secure incredibly important not just for well-being but more safety for your family.

What are the duties of an electrical safety auditor?

Taking measurement of current, voltage, leakage current, and earth resistance.

Checking basic circuit status by measuring voltage, earth resistance, insulation resistance, and current of the various circuits. And define values and differences and abnormalities of circuits.

Checking maximum load current and voltage drops.

Photos of all areas where lapses can be seen are taken.

Inspection of complete electrical systems and equipment, every section, every floor from start to the final branch circuits and load point. Any damage or difference against the criteria gets noted.

Judgment of electrical safety measures for human safety and plant safety.

Submission of investigation report which fulfills by inspection, requirements standard and recommendations. All detailed information is submitted after done inspecting each electrical system.