There are many ways to quit smoking, some are hard and many have serious side effects. Some of the popular stop smoking remedies are stop smoking patch, pills, or chewing gums. These may or may not work for a person who uses them. Apart from their actual advantage, many people have reported side effects after using theme.

So what you need is a way to quit smoking, which is natural and at the same time requires very less efforts from your part. Look, it’s pretty simple when you took the path of smoking cigarettes, you did not try for it. I mean it was almost an unconscious decision and there was something about cigarettes that was right for you, that is why do continue using them.

If that is the case why should quit smoking be a forceful activity? Believe me if you force yourself to quit, you may or may not succeed but the craving for cigarettes will continue to be inside your mind. This craving is causing you to smoke cigarettes. Unless you understand why you crave for them, you will still feel like smoking a puff even after you have quit. This can be a tipping point in your life. Because of this craving, it’s possible that you may again start smoking even after 5-10-20 years after you thought you have completely quit.

So what’s the ultimate solution to this, which is natural and requires least efforts?

Well, what I’m going to show you here may sound too good to be true, but can work miracles in almost any area of your life. If you can do this one thing you will no longer need to use patches, pills or gums to stop your addiction. That is because the system to regain your life within yourself. It is available to you right now at this very moment. You only don’t know that it exists or are not aware that you can sue it to transform any part of life into anything.

Here’s what you can do.

Ask yourself a question several times of the day like “Do I really want to smoke?” or “YOUR NAME, do you really want to smoke right now?” You can even ask this question while you are actually smoking.

Believe me this is a very powerful attack on your system that tell you that you need a light o feel good. What you are doing is awakening your higher self who is already smoke-free, stress free and happy than anything else you have ever. By asking this question you are “allowing” your bigger part to take control of your personality, which doesn’t require a cigarette to feel better. The more you do this, the lesser you’ll need a cigarette.

You can do this in elevator, while driving, in the bathroom, at work and as mentioned, even when you are smoking. I strongly recommend you to try this out and see the results for you. Many people have used this to get rid of not just smoking but many more areas that come in between a happy and healthier life.

I know you can do this. If you can read this article to this end, you can transform your life forever. Just imagine how proud your kids will feel about you when you spend just a few hours without smoke. Ask your family to support you and they will be more than happy to help you with this.

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