For a lifetime the mysterious and powerful psychic Madame Pandora has astonished audiences with her ability to summon and talk to spirits of the dead. Many have sought her service too make peace with their dead relatives, or to attain lost information. Never failing in accuracy, has made her very wealthy.

But now she is dying of old age. And since she never started a family of her own, her considerable wealth passes to her distant relatives – you! There is just one condition: You must stay one night as guests, in her old Victorian house, while she draws her last breath.

Determined to get rich you fight the feeling of unease and turn in for the night. When sleep finds you at last, you find yourselves trapped inside Pandora’s last dream while her life passes by in glimpses.

You are now witnesses to the biggest regrets of her life, in reverse from the moment of her death and backwards in time. The only escape is to mend her regrets, so she may find peace at last – and you can wake up rich!

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