Relying on an application to manage clinics and medical centers is the best solution to all the problems faced by doctors and owners of medical centers. There is no doubt that doctors who own clinics and owners of medical centers face administrative problems most of the time, which affects the ability of doctors to focus on their primary role, which is treating patients.

The problems that doctors face in clinics and medical centers are many and varied, and most of them affect the work of doctors and the comfort of their patients, and these problems may damage the doctor’s reputation and reduce the profits of the clinic or medical center, and in this article we will explain the most problems that doctors face, and how they can be solved through accreditation An application for the management of clinics and medical centers of Alalmiya Alhura.

1. The problem of reservations and appointments

The problem of reservations and appointments is the most prevalent problem in clinics and medical centers, and it is worth noting that it is a problem not only experienced by patients, but by doctors and reception staff working in clinics and medical centers, because the problem of reservations and appointments causes other problems such as the anger of patients and escorts, and the occurrence of some Quarrels with reception staff, clinics and medical centers are subject to overcrowding and crowding of patients inside the clinic at some times, and the clinic is completely empty of patients at other times.

The clinics and medical centers management application contributes to solving the problem of reservations and appointments very effectively, as the application helps the doctor, reception staff and patients to book examination and consultation appointments easily and organized. The application displays the reservation appointments available to patients, which works to avoid crowding and avoid problems and quarrels, and this is useful It also provides calm for the doctor and patients in the clinic or medical center, and it should be noted that full control of the management of reservations and appointments is available for the doctor or the management of the center.

2. The problem of patient data and payments

In many cases, the data of some patients in the clinic or medical center is mixed, and this may happen as a result of the similarity in the names and descriptions of some patients, or the matching or overlapping of reservation dates. The occurrence of this problem may lead to an overlap and conflict in the accounts of patients, and there is no doubt that this problem is serious.

When obtaining an application for managing clinics and medical centers, the cost of examination and consultation will be determined for each patient, and the patient will be notified of his account and payments. The clinics and medical center management application also provides electronic payment methods through Vodafone Cash, Visa or MasterCard.

3. The problem of miscommunication between doctor and patients

Sometimes some patients need a telephone medical consultation from the doctor, but the doctor may be busy at that time and because of this big problem, some patients may experience complications for their health conditions, and this problem also affects the doctor’s profits, where doctors can make a lot of profits In return for responding to medical advice.

One of the most important advantages of managing clinics and medical centers is the possibility of sending and receiving consultations and inquiries from all patients and responding to them, and this will make the doctor close to his patients and in constant contact with them. The program also provides medical centers with the ability to employ an integrated medical team to respond to customer inquiries through the electronic application. This service is a great opportunity to double the profits of the center or clinic.

4. The problem of the increasing number of patients

The increase in the number of patients at times may lead to a lot of problems in clinics and medical centers, for example, in some climatic seasons during the year, such as periods of climatic fluctuations between the seasons of the year, it leads to an increase in cases of seasonal flu and pneumonia in clinics and medical centers, and we have seen Also, the crisis of the increasing number of patients during the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which the whole world witnessed, as the problem of the increasing number of patients inside clinics and medical centers was the cause of the increase in cases of the epidemic.

Through the application of clinics and medical centers, patients will be able to view the schedule of the clinic or center’s appointments and book the appointments available for examination, which helps to reduce the problem of congestion and the increasing number of patients inside the clinic. The application also provides the ability to request a consultation (phone – visual – written) without The need to be in the center.

5. The problem of lack of communication between the doctor, receptionist and patients

In some cases, the doctor may give a specific direction to some patients, and the receptionist participates in completing that direction, and due to the patients’ lack of knowledge of the clinic system, the patient may miss completing that procedure, and the main reason for this is the poor three-way communication between the doctor, the patient and the receptionist, and this problem may occur Because of the constant influx of patients.

Clinics and Medical Centers application gives doctors full control as it enables doctors to give employees working in centers and clinics notices about specific patients and users. This service provides ease and flexibility of prejudice within clinics and medical centers and improves the process of communication between patients, doctors, clinic staff and medical centers.


Through Alalmiya Alhura, each doctor will be able to successfully manage his medical activity with a dowry. Alalmiya Alhura provides a professional and distinctive application for managing clinics and medical centers that facilitates the complex management process and also contributes to improving medical services in large clinics and medical centers.