Remember that we are not just older, but also in many cases , frailer. As it happens, most of us will require help in the type of care for the elderly or the other.

Aged Care At Home
Many older Australians intend to remain at home, where they feel relaxed and familiar with the local shopping areas and public transport routes as well as friends and neighbors. For many seniors who wish to live at home, there will be adjustments to be made to the house. To lessen the risk of slips and falls, installing grab rails for the bathroom and toilet , as and in the other rooms of the home is recommended, as are non-slip rubber mats for the wet areas. If you have steps leading to your house, installing ramps may be necessary. It is possible that you do not require them now, but keep in mind that you’re making plans for the future and at some point these changes can help with the care you receive in your home. If you can’t afford to make these modifications to your home , perhaps reverse mortgages might be a viable option.

Aged Care Services Perth

It is also possible to alter your kitchen and appliances you use in order to decrease the chance of burning or fires. There’s a great variety of kitchen appliances that can assist you in making your kitchen a safer space.

External services, such as Meals On Wheels are available to seniors 65 and older and those who have been registered by the Department Of Commonwealth Home and Community care.

Other services offered to the Government Department are:

  • Home maintenance
  • Home changes to the home
  • aid in food preparation at the kitchen at home
  • Delivery of meals
  • Transport
  • assessment, coordination of client care and case management
  • Information, counseling and advocacy
  • Day care centers that are based in the centre
  • Assistance for carers and respite services
  • nursing care
  • Other health care services such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, and podiatry pathology
  • Domestic help, such as assistance with washing, cleaning and grocery shopping
  • Personal care includes assistance with dressing, bathing and grooming, eating
  • social assistance

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