Removing roller blinds is very easy. Curtains Dubai provides roller blinds and a clear explanation of how to remove them. So if you redecorate, you might be removed from existing blinds. How you remove them depends on standard or cassette roller blinds. Standard roller blinds show the fabric on top, while cassette blinds have a header on top, hiding the rolled fabric from view. To remove blinds, you need to know how to identify parts and how to put them together. Even if you are not good at home improvement projects, you can still use simple tools to remove your old blinds and make your wall look new. 

1.      Removing standard roller blinds

·         Roll the blind up all the way

Pull the chain tension device to roll the blind upwards. It will make it easier to manage and store once removed. If your blinds are broken and do not roll up, rotate the blind spool counterclockwise with your hand until it is fully rolled up.

·         Remove the screw from the chain safety clip

The chain safety clip is attached to the chain point wall. It is usually located approximately on the way down to the blind and holds the chain that controls the blind’s position. Insert the tip of the screwdriver into the head of the screw, turn it to the left, and remove the screw.

·         Find the safety clamp or disc on one side of the roller

Standard roller blinds have brackets on both sides that hold the roller in one place. In roller brackets, one of the brackets has a post containing the roller and the other has a safety clamp securing. You need to use a step-ladder to access the brackets on the right and then the left. 

·         Open the clamp on the mounting bracket

Once you find the bracket with the clamp, which is usually shaped like the letter “C”, lift it. It will allow the spool at that end of the roller to lift from the slot.

·         Lift the roller out of both brackets

Each bracket has a slot where the roller is held. primarily, lift the side of the roller with the clamp from the slot, and then lift the opposite roller from its bracket. If the spring is loaded at one end and you need to push it slightly into the bracket, you want to pull it out first.

·         Use a screwdriver and takeout to the two screws holding the brackets in-wall or window

Place the tip of a screwdriver inside each screw head and rotate it to the left until it is large enough to remove. Discard the screws or store them for creative reuse. Remove the brackets from the wall or window once the screws are out.


2. Removing cassette roller blinds

·         Roll the blinds up

Pull the chain tension device to roll the blind before starting the removal process. It keeps the blind neatly wrapped so you can remove and store it.

·         Use a screwdriver and remove a chain tension device

The tension device is a point system on one side of the blind that allows you to open or close the blind. It is usually located on the right side but maybe on the left side, depending on your blinds. Roll up the blinds before unscrewing the screws that attach the bottom to the wall. Do the same for the connecting piece above. It is usually located on the right side of the right bracket.

·         Use a screwdriver to pull the cassette out of the brackets. 

Place the flat end of a screwdriver into the space above the cassette between the cassette and the bracket. Move the screwdriver handle down or turn it to increase the gap until the cassette snaps from the bracket. Do this at each point where the cassette joins the bracket before completely removing the cassette.

·         Unscrew the screws holding the brackets to the wall

Turn the screw head to the left until it is as loose as possible to pull the screwdriver out. Repeat this process for each screw on all brackets. Then remove the brackets from the wall and replace them.


These are tips on how to remove standard or cassette roller blinds. Dubai Blinds provide clean information about how to remove roller blinds in Dubai homes. If you permanently remove the blind, the curtains advising panel describes every tip of them.