Chin Power, a leader in lighting equipment, lamps, LED lamps for the entire industrial sector would like to present LED high bay lights suitable for use in factories and warehouses. 

Bangkok, Thailand – Chin Power has been proud to deliver high-quality LED luminaires of international standards to leading industrial plants, companies and government agencies for over 18 years. All lamps at Chin Power have advantages, whether it is having high brightness performance, being durable for long-time use, our reasonable prices, as well as our after-sales service. 

In particular, Chin Power’s LED high bay lamps have become increasingly popular, and are suitable for use as lighting in factories and warehouses as it is designed with the latest technology that uses LED Chip and Driver from world-class manufacturers. They provide long-lasting luminous efficiency and are resistant to all weather conditions. Being energy-efficient LED lights, they have been certified by both domestic and international institutions.

Chin Power also provides LED Floodlights to illuminate football fields, tennis courts, golf courses and other open areas. They produce up to 192,000 lumens of brightness with more than 8 special diffusion angles to illuminate a FIFA soccer stadium at 1200 lux. Our spotlights have an extended working life thanks to features such as the Short Circuit Protection, Over Power Protection, Over Temperature Protection and Surge Protection.

Chin Power’s high bay lamps and spotlights are guaranteed for up to 7 years, ensuring quality through our leading customers all over Thailand. With a control system that allows you to control the lamps wirelessly and Smart IoT Lighting that will save costs for factories and warehouses in the long-run.

“High bay lamps and spotlights have always been Chin Power’s bestsellers due to their high brightness performance. There are various protection systems that can be used for a long time and have a reasonable price. In addition, we also have a professional team to give advice and recommend products that meet the needs of customers.”

Natdanai Likitkitchavorn, Deputy Managing Director at Chin Power Company Limited


If you are interested in learning more about high bay lights, spotlights or other types of industrial lamps with world-class quality standards, our LED experts at Chin Power are ready to give you advice and consultation support. Contact us at  or LINE @chinpower.