Online stores service has now become one of the most requested and used technical services, thanks to people realizing the importance of e-commerce and the extent of people’s dependence on e-commerce stores, which is increasing significantly over time.

Relying on the online store service to build an online store or online market is the best step you can take at the present time, whether it is to develop your existing business or to start a new one. By resorting to the online store service, you will be able to revive and strengthen your competitive position in the market.

E-commerce serves all fields, as it makes your activity linked to everyone and visible to them around the clock. If a customer needs the products or services you provide, he will not have to move to the place of your business or travel to it, but by relying on the service of e-commerce stores, he will only need to open his phone And communicate with you through your online store. And if you want to know more about what the online store service can provide you, read the following article.

Benefits Of Owning An Online Store For Your Business

E-commerce has become a reality imposed on all business owners, whether you like it or not, owning an online store and relying on the service of e-commerce stores has become an inevitable thing, not only for the development of your business or to start a new business, but also for the continuation of your activity and keeping it from bankruptcy.

The world is constantly suffering from crises that affect commercial and economic interests. There is no doubt that the Corona virus crisis has greatly affected the whole world, as it has not only left a health impact, but has had a very large impact on the world economy and has led to the bankruptcy of many companies such as:

• Brooks Brothers, which used to be the dominant service provider of presidential fashion in the United States of America.

• Avianca Holdings, which was the largest airline in Latin America.

There are some companies whose production, sales and profits have been affected very significantly, but thanks to the reliance of these companies on the service of e-commerce stores, they did not reach bankruptcy and were able to overcome the crisis, such as:

• ZARA, which was forced to close 3,785 of its branches worldwide, which greatly affected the company’s sales, which declined by 24.1% in the first two weeks of the closure, and thanks to Zara’s reliance on the online store service, it was finally able to overcome the crisis Corona, as it managed to maintain a large percentage of the company’s sales through e-commerce.

• The American Macy’s Company, which was forced to close its stores during the crisis period, which led to the company losing a huge volume of sales, estimated at $2 billion, in only the first quarter of 2020, thanks to the company’s reliance on sales through the online store service. It overcame the crisis with sales from its online store only, estimated at 43% of total sales, and Macy’s also had to lay off a very large number of employees, which reached 3,900 employees.

And by relying on the service of e-commerce stores, some companies were able to bypass the Corona crisis, achieving double profits, as the Corona crisis was an opportunity that will not be repeated for companies that depend entirely on the service of e-commerce stores, and the most important of these companies are:

• Amazon: Which, thanks to the Corona crisis, was able to raise its sales level by 40% in just 3 months, and made huge profits through e-commerce.

The online store service enables you to own an online store or online market with a version that works on the web and another version that can be downloaded and applied to smart phones, and this provides your business with a great spread and also enables you to get new customers in different geographical locations.

The benefits of the online store service do not stop at that only, but the e-commerce store service provides you with many other advantages and benefits that will add a lot to your business and business, the most important of which are:

1. The online store service helps you to display your business identity in a professional manner on the Internet.

2. The online store service helps you to display your products on the online market in a distinctive way, in addition to displaying all product images, details and descriptions in a clear way to customers.

3. The online store service enables you to receive your customers’ comments, opinions and comments in order to be able to study their desires and purchasing behavior.

4. The online store service provides you with multiple tools to measure your online store’s analytics and statistics, where you will be able to learn a lot about the customers who are interested in your business.

5. Through the online store service, you will get a distinctive online market design that is fully compatible with your business identity.


6. The e-store service provides you with the ability to send notifications to your customers with all the developments of your business, and the offers and discounts offered by your online store.

How Can You Obtain The Service Of The E-commerce Stores?

Obtaining the service of e-commerce stores is no longer difficult as it was before, as there are now many technical companies that can provide the service of e-commerce stores, but the matter does not depend on the presence of companies, but rather depends on the quality of the online store that you will get, and will you get the maximum benefit from that The store, or will it cause you a lot of problems and obstacles that will lead to wasting a lot of time and costs?

Alalmiya Alhura provides you with the service of e-commerce stores with a very high quality. By relying on the service of e-commerce stores provided by Alalmiya Alhura, you will be able to obtain an online store or an e-commerce market that not only helps you sell your products on the Internet, but also helps you develop the competitive level of your business, support it and publicize business identity.

Through the Alalmiya Alhura, you will get the service of e-commerce stores that will provide you with an online store or an online market with a responsive design with all screen sizes, in addition to the design that will provide your customers with a very flexible, easy and fast user experience, helping to attract new customers and maintain existing customers.

Alalmiya Alhura will provide you through the e-commerce stores service a control panel for the online store or the online market, making it easier for you to control everything in the store, where you will be able to upload and delete products and add data with ease, and you will be able to link the online store to all social media platforms and manage Advertising campaigns on all platforms from one place, which is the online store control panel.


It is worth noting that Alalmiya Alhura will be your loyal technical friend, as the online store service includes providing you with integrated technical support, as the company provides you with a technical support team that is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to solve any technical problem affecting the store In order to ensure the quality of the services we provide to you, Alalmiya Alhura also provides you with a distinguished team of customer service providers to help your customers solve any problem and provide the necessary consultations for them to obtain the highest quality service.