Call Transcription and call centers   Communication is the key when it comes down to pretty much everything you want to do in life. Looking to ace an interview? Want to sell your new product? Have a presentation in university? Communication is literally the single most important factor that can make the magic happen and turn dust into gold. Call transcription services are one of the trending services in different industries due to the benefits it offers in making communication effective and comprehensive. This blogpost will look into how call transcription services are helping different industries in improving and enhancing their communication with their respective prospects.   Call transcription increasing trend Call transcription services are very popular in multiple industries but they are most widely utilized in the call center industry where call transcriptions help record and document the numerous calls that are received and made.Call transcription allows you to convert your live or recorded calls into its corresponding text documents which can be used for extracting useful data out of it.   Types of call transcription in call centers Call transcription is mainly carried out in two ways. The first one is the human call transcription in which a […] read more