How much does an electrical contractor cost? Even you are thinking about hiring an electrical contractor, it will cost you around 5000 INR to 7000 INR. That’s the average price are charged for electrical contractors. However, charges can be different according to your location and how much is the problems. What are the factors that cost electrical services? Common electrical works include installation of lighting, ceiling fan, power points, safety switches, and circuit repair or rewiring. But electrical contractors look over everything that is correctly installed or not. More the work, more time it will take to finish. This will cost you higher if you hired a professional electrical contractor on per hour basis. Depending on how much is complicated the situation of work, the solution may be done quickly or it may take more time to take it. Charges will depend on the level of difficulty. So you can ask for a timetable so you will stay updated once the project started. After damaging some parts there will be needed of materials that will use in electrical work. This will affect the cost of the work. Different types of material cost differently. What are the average charges of an […] read more