Add description for your Article from hComputers have become the biggest innovation of mankind. It has become a basic necessity that has influenced every aspect of our lifetime. Long development times and a high degree of level of experience were once needed to select projects. No Code Development Platforms have transformed the way we think about software development by eliminating these from the field of computing and putting it in a more intuitive environment for non-techies. What No-Code Development Platforms are? Most software programs and apps are built on code. To write those instructions, you’ll need to know how to code, which is a useful ability that might be hard to come by. Have you ever thought of creating a software app without touching a single line of code? That’s the basis behind no-code development, a popular software development strategy. No-code stands for “no coding required”. It refers to a set of development tools that make it simple to create applications without knowing a specific programming language. It includes cloud-based services as well as mobile-based technology and is skyrocketing. These platforms are in high favor because they are affordable, accessible, and easy to use. They help create beautiful-looking websites at […] read more