Find Training in Massage Therapy . There are more than 80 techniques for massage that are currently in use. Massage therapy training however, is almost as varied as the wide variety of techniques that are offered. Most courses focus on anatomy, physiology, as well as pathology, with training in hands-on massage therapy, deep tissue massage.

The variety of techniques that are taught in massage therapy programs will depend on the particular school. For example, if you’re looking for a massage therapy education with a focus on Eastern healing There are plenty of healing arts colleges that provide advanced and further education in massage therapy, including classes

Students looking for more training in massage therapy discover that there are a variety of massage programs that offer comprehensive training in hydrotherapy, trigger point, craniosacral therapies, myofascial release, geriatric, baby and prenatal massage and lymphatic drainage among others. Massage therapists certified by a certifying bodywork institute who have been trained in depth in these treatments are typically certified to be employed in medical clinics, hospitals and physical therapy clinics. They also work at health resorts, sporting events and cruise ship spas, and other related healthcare establishments.

Are you a lover of animals within you? If so, with a particular focus on equine or canine massage may be right for you. These classes typically include anatomy and physiology for the specific animal, as well as acupressure as well as massage therapy for animals. Students who complete these programs typically receive an award of completion or diploma. They then begin working in holistic veterinarian clinics as well as vet offices and shelters for animals.

It is also possible to train in massage therapy to the terminally seriously ill. Patients suffering from terminal illnesses are well-responding to therapeutic touch therapy and have found it to be beneficial in relieving anxiety, insomnia, musculoskeletal pain and other signs. Massage therapists with certification who have been trained in massage therapy for seriously ill are employed in nursing homes, hospitals and also as home health professionals.

Do you want to work at an a salon or day spa? You can get a massage therapy training for hand, chair and facial massages; the cold and hot stone therapy as well as water therapy (water therapy) is a good way to get starting out in the beauty and spa industries.

Further training in massage therapy is specifically tailored to specific areas of the body. Reflexology, for instance, is designed specifically for the hands, feet and the ears. It is often included as part of a massage program that is in-depth. It can be a supplement to the services provided by the practitioner of massage or a holistic practitioner.

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