Success depends on good planning and therefore the following blogs offer you some recommendations on the way to plan, ideas for content and which is that the right event for you and your audience, whether or not they are customers, employees or for training programmes. Going virtual provides an easily used medium for all of those needs. the gathering of genuine customer/audience data (emails,names and locality)properly managed during a CRM, allows you to continue marketing to them and target future events/product launch.

Ideas for a virtual event

Trade Shows – To showcase and promote your product, individual products or services are often photographed or filmed, explaining how it works and comprehensive information added to the merchandise .

Sales Meetings and Support – staff , wherever they’re , can see your latest offering, learn all about it and be back out selling, armed with all the knowledge they have . Use your virtual event to supply your staff with all relevant information throughout the sales cycle in order that they need all the knowledge necessary to shut deals.

Virtual Marketplace – Let your virtual event be your marketplace where your products and people of fellow exhibitors are often showcased and sold.

Customer training – Provide your customers with virtual event training sessions, in order that they skills to urge the simplest from your service and to stay them informed about any changes.

Community building – Build a virtual event to attach people in several locations with similar interests and build a community.

Annual Conferences – Knowledge of you and your business exchanged and always available to review, this may expand your user base.

Partner Events – Share knowledge and best practices with partners and supply a forum for team communication.

Internal training – Easily accessible knowledge domain , wont to keep staff up-to-date as regards policies and procedures. to make sure everyone in your company receives clear and consistent messages bring them along side a virtual event and develop an honest employee relationship.

Committee Meeting – If the timing of general committee meetings is difficult for a few could they attend via a virtual connection? The meeting might be recorded making minute taking easy.
Your Virtual Event – where to start!

Your plan must contains everything you would like to happen within your virtual event:

Who will affect the technology required to present it?

What exactly does one want to say?

Cost and the way will you buy it?

Who will create content?

Who will sponsor the event?

How will you promote it?
Although they’re not so time consuming as their physical counterparts, you’ll still need time to place together the tools and technology to supply knowledgeable virtual event. Research providers and communicate your requirements, working closely with them to make sure correct amounts of resources are available, in order that things run smoothly.

With larger productions, you’ll got to hire a consultant to look at and advise on the design and feel of your presentation to make sure your information is transmitted effectively.

Check out previous events, ones that have worked and perhaps ones that haven’t so you’ll avoid their shortcomings and modify to your advantage.

The amount of resources that you simply got to produce your event will depend on whether you’re targeting a couple of team members or customers or promoting subsequent .

If you recognize your audience and understand the simplest thanks to reach them, use the facilities within the virtual event to specifically target individuals and groups, ensuring your message reaches the proper people.

Another consideration is to carry a hybrid event, one that has one foot within the physical world and therefore the other within the virtual. Make material available electronically for extra learning and to draw in a bigger audience of individuals who were unable to point out abreast of the day.

The needs of your audience should dictate the direction you’re taking and if you’re taking notice of this, it’ll cause success.


Allow yourself many time to plan, create content and promote.

ON24 recommends a 12-week decide to manage all the tasks and put together knowledgeable event.

Content creation cycle – to contain a content review cycle, which allows time for everybody to ascertain what the event are going to be about.

Teams can then offer comments, insights and advice ensuring all are on an equivalent wavelength.

Always leave a touch time just in case of emergency, so aim to possess the project ready before the date that it’s scheduled for.
The event

Place your most compelling content at the start for max effect.

Don’t keep your audience waiting too long before drawing them into your virtual event and open together with your big news and lead keynote.

Schedule your event to start on common workdays thus avoiding the loss of individuals taking long weekends.

Allow for zone differences so try run at a time that’s convenient to all or any involved.

Stagger start times when repeating sessions to help with zone differential.

Try to not overlap interests if you’ve got tons of activities planned. this might minimise participation and attendance if the audience is that the same.
Virtual Event-what’s best for you and your audience?

The decision on what sort of virtual event you would like to host are going to be the one that directly addresses and engages your audience. If you provide great content then your attendees will leave satisfied and your sponsors will know that they need reached their prospective customers.

Selling your event to both attendees and sponsors

Supply your sponsors with screen shots of the event; tell them that this may be what attendees see and the way they will interact within the virtual event.

Clearly explain the repeat benefits to both attendees and sponsors providing businesses with more leads.

For small businesses who might not have the personnel available for a physical event, the virtual event gives the corporate a chance to succeed in leads and prospects they’ll not are ready to reach otherwise.

These leads will come at a lower cost than those from a physical event, yet one more advantage for little companies and their budgets.

Attendees got to be notified of the experts you’ll be bringing to the event and can require clear and concise materials of what you’ll be delivering.

Emphasise the cash savings aspect of the virtual event over the physical e.g. no travel, no accommodation and no meals to buy .

Spread the word on the knowledge channels that your audience uses.

Encourage attendees to spread the word and make it easy for them to publicise the event on social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

If they do not attend initially the virtual event will always be there, recorded for resale at a future date.
How to engage your audience and make it worth their while to attend.

Know your audience, their interests and the way they wish to learn, to be ready to put together a stimulating , educational and useful virtual event.

Recruit exciting and knowledgeable presenters to require part in your virtual event.
Content, whether developed by you or your speakers should be:

interesting – to carry the eye of your audience
compelling – to motivate to action
educational – to offer them a greater understanding of the topics
Ensure the content will deliver value after repeat viewings. (ON24 research shows that fifty of attendees view at an events initial webcast, with 25% viewing on demand.) Keep the channels open and let audience and experts ‘talk’ with one another .

Learn all you’ll about your audience.

A Facebook poll or one placed on your blog will gather knowledge that you simply can use to place a virtual event together which will appeal to your audience.

You will have an outsized amount of knowledge available after your event. Using all the knowledge collated, demographics and feedback are often wont to organise future events for your audience’s participation. With the info collected, leads are often nurtured and kept informed of events, product launch and general news.

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