Stylish Features of all OBD Trackers.
OBD II harborage GPS Tracker, easy to install and does not need charging.
Made and Tested in Europe, while others are made in China.
We give a Stoner Friendly vehicle tracking system and an App for Android/ IOS.

Unlimited Live Tracking

24/7 real time shadowing. We operate using Live Tracking, not on 5 nanosecond intervals like numerous other companies.

Huge Range of Smart Alerts

Hitch cautions, crash cautions, overspeed cautions, open discovery, jamming discovery, geofences & further.

Plug & Play Installation

Plus, we set up all of your custom cautions for you. You can customise these yourself at any point.

Two Time Bond. No Hidden Freights.

No Cinch-in Contracts.

All of the smart cautions below are available on our vehicle trackingdevice.These cautions can be configured for each account depending on your requirements. You can admit these cautions either as an dispatch, or as a announcement on your phone via our free app.

Have you ever finished work, come outdoors and find your auto’s been hauled? Coming time, get an instant announcement straight to your phone so you can reply incontinently.

As soon as your vehicle has been in a crash you will admit an instant announcement. This alert helped my friend find his woman when she hit a kangaroo with her auto.

Admit an alert every time your auto goes over a certain speed, completely customizable by you. Perfect for covering a crazy teenage motorist or your workers.

Stop stealers and worrisome workers as soon as they tamper with your device. Admit an moment alert when your device has been unclogged or tampered with.

In the doubtful event that the GPS signal is jammed, you will admit an immediate alert. Stay on the ball and keep your vehicle out of the hands of stealers.

If you find yourself outside of the cell phone palace range do not worry. The GPS shamus will still log all the position data and transfer it when you are back in range.

Every time your vehicle enters/ leaves these custom zones you admit an alert. Great for businesses covering their delivery exchanges or precluding theft.

Save on energy costs by covering motorist geste. You will admit an alert if your hand (or teenage motorist) is accelerating, retarding or controlling too hard.

Track the quantum of energy your vehicle is using on colorful passages. Use this data to make educated opinions about your vehicles and save on energy costs.

Our bias plug straight into the OBD-II Port on your vehicle, generally located under the steering wheel. There is no cables and no fuss. Plug it in, log on and your shadowing.

See where your vehicle is travelling turn-by- turn, live. When you subscribe up with car trackers you will get unlimited live shadowing, all inclusive for$ 11/ month.

Receive automatic cautions straight to your smartphone via our App or setup automatic summary reports transferred directly to your dispatch for review.

Our bias are erected to assiduity leading norms and are quality tested in Europe. To give you peace of mind we are offering a 2 time bond on every device vended.

Do not worry about the hassle of copping your own SIM Card and Data Plan. We cover the DATA charges. Everything, including unlimited shadowing, is part of the Yearly or Monthly Service Figure.

We are then to help you get up car tracking with your device no matter what. We understand that you are busy, so we have made everything as simple as possible.

Our platform recognises when your vehicle has finished its trip and will automatically save this data. View the history of your passages & all associated data for over to 1 time.

Our bias change network depending on which is furnishing the strongest signal. We support signals in 70 countries, including Australia,U.S.A, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Bluetooth Connectivity so you can fluently connect and record any data from other Bluetooth bias. Includes temperature observers, hands free bias and further.

Save Time & Your Temper.

Numerous of our guests have tried the cheap, Chinese shamus approach-they gave up and switched to us rather. Although those bias are cheaper, you will waste time trying to set it up, come frustrated, attempt to communicate their support to no mileage, and did I mention. waste time?

Save yourself a lot of heart pain with our dependable, quality assured GPS Tracker for Car. We set everything up to work impeccably out-of-the-box. All you need to do is plug it straight into your auto and login to the app, that is seriously it! And if you’re having issues or trouble just shoot us an dispatch and we’ll help out.

Exceptional Support.

We’re a small, family- run business; suitable to give unequaled support. Utmost of our competition are large companies that outsource their support offshore-which negatively affects you. We are the contrary. We thrive on word-of- mouth, and the only way we achieve that’s by furnishing exceptional support to our exceptional druggies.
Stoner Experience is our Crucial Focus

We understand that not everyone is tech expertise, and utmost people simply do not have time to learn the sways-and-outs of a new GPS Tracker, or platform.

We created our shadowing platform & app hand-in- hand with several of our crucial druggies. This gave us true perceptivity into how our guests interact with the software, allowing us to produce a simple, intuitive-to- use shadowing platform.

Loads of Hidden Benefits

From individualities to small businesses, we are then to help you get the most out of our shadowing bias. The maturity of our druggies subscribe up for theft protection, but 95 stay because our device has come part of their everyday life.

They are using it to find their parking spots, to cover their children’s driving (or their workers driving), to track and lower energy consumption, to cover their vehicles while they are travelling, to ameliorate their driving, to view and manage the driving geste of their workers, the list goes on and on.

As seen above a Auto Tracking Device is also uses to track family member’sdriving.However, if your senior parent wants to keep driving and have their independence, a GPS Tracker is a nice way to cover and cover their safety, If your teenager is learning to drive or just got the motorist’s license.

New to GPS Trackers?

In 2019, vehicles were stolen in the US according to the FBI. A vehicle was reported stolen every 40 seconds! In 2019,17.493 vehicles were stolen in Germany. In France, 265 buses are declared stolen every day. In Australia, every ten twinkles a vehicle is stolen.

Further than 50 of all vehicles were stolen from a hearthstone. Maturity of which passed between 4 pm & night over the weekend.

What is worse is 35 of all thefts are noway recovered.

Still, 90 of buses with a GPS Tracker installed were recovered within a week. 80 of those were recovered in 24 hours because they can use the trackers information to tell the police where their vehicle is and it’s a lot of time saved!

As you can see, installing a shadowing device is one of the simplest and most effective styles of guarding your auto from theft.

Do you know that a GPS Car Tracker can reduce your Auto Insurance Decorations?

In fact, Having a GPS Tracker is one way to get Auto Insurance Abatements. Numerous insurance companies will give abatements on your vehicle decorations just for having a GPS shadowing device installed. That is because they understand that by having shadowing bias the liability of vehicle recovery in the event of theft is much advanced, thus saving them plutocrat.

For illustration, 21st Century Insurance gives 15 off its comprehensive content decoration for theft recovery bias like GPS Trackers. Nationwide offersanti-theft abatements grounded on the state you live in and grounded on the type of device you have installed. Geico says on their website that guests can get up to a 25 reduction for ananti-theft outfit/ System.

Liberty Mutual gives abatements too If your auto is equipped withanti-theft technology, you qualify for savings.

Allstate offers a reduction Save if there is ananti-theft device in your auto.

But I allowed they were precious and only for large companies?

This is a veritably common misconception.

Tracking bias have advanced a lot in the last many times, and now they are extensively available and veritably affordable.

A large portion of our client base is actually made up of individualities tracking their particular vehicles.

Whether that be for theft protection, covering their teenage kiddies or senior parents, saving on energy, tracking their vehicles peregrination, or any number of reasons.

So, how does GPS Tracking actually work?
Nearly all shadowing bias use a SIM Card to transmit their data to their separate online shadowing platform.

This data is also restated on the platform into an accessible format. In terms of the position, it’s shown as a vehicle on Google Charts. In terms of cautions, they are shown as announcements on the Online Platform and App. You can see the time, date and position of the alert.

This is why there are always yearly costs associated with shadowing bias. You need to pay for the data costs of the SIM, along with subscribing up for an Online Tracking Platform, unless you resort to using a free bone which I don’t recommend.