Office space is where you go to get work done. You have your laptop, some backup batteries for the power cuts, and a cup full of (probably cold) coffee. The clock ticks as you sit there waiting for that damn printer to work.

1. What are the two types of office spaces?

The two types of office spaces are private offices and coworking spaces. There are some benefits to both, but what works best for the company culture comes down to what works best. 

Private offices work well for small businesses or companies who want more space without paying a ton of money.

Coworking spaces can be great if you’re looking for an environment where people from different backgrounds gather together to share their knowledge.

2. What is meant by the virtual office?

Virtual offices are becoming more popular as the technology allows for companies to work from anywhere.

A virtual office has many different definitions but is typically an address where a company can receive mail and packages without a physical presence.

However, it doesn’t have to be just an address- our Virtual Office Antwerp offers conference rooms or meeting spaces that you can reserve with your membership fee.

3. What are the benefits of a virtual office?

People, who work for themselves, or freelancers, do not need to be tied down by the constraints of a typical office. Some of the benefits of working from home with a virtual office are:

Work Whenever You Want:

One of the most common complaints people have about their job is that they typically work too much. 

Tons of Free Time:

When you work from home, there’s no reason for you to spend any time at your workplace other than when you finish working. When you work from home, your office is wherever you feel like working.

No Travel Time:

Many jobs involve extensive travel time. If you have to drive forty-five minutes each way to work, that’s ninety minutes of your day spent just driving. 

It isn’t a problem when you have a virtual office because you can work in your office space.

More Time with Family:

Having a virtual office gives people the chance to spend more time with their family, which is excellent for married or have children.

The benefits of having a virtual office outnumber the negatives! Anyone can find success working from home if they follow the proper steps.

4. How does a virtual office work?

A virtual office is a business model where you can use all of the benefits of having an office without actually having to visit it.

You get access to things like meeting rooms and administrative support such as receptionist services without having to pay for a brick-and-mortar building.

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